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We help Informal Retailers & farmers get funds they need, when they need it!

At Orion, We believe Working Capital financing is the life blood of Commerce, just like blood is for humans.

Orion Fintech aims to help millions of small holder farmers, informal retailers, Micro-SMEs, Mid-Sized SMEs to big suppliers & buyers with trade capital by unlocking trapped cash flow through supply chain financing, asset financing, payable & receivable financing,dynamic discounting & invoicing, automotive aftermarket financing, cross-border financing, offering diverse supply chain financial solutions.

Fundamental Problems Orion is trying to solve for informal traders,

Challenges of Cash flow.

  • Nearly half or all businesses experience cash flow problems or late payments at some point every year.
  • This type of Cash flow problem is one of the key reason half of all businesses fail or close within 5 years of founding and why only a third reach year 10.

Traditional delayed payments

  • For companies whose this is their only source of income, this means they will have to wait 30-120 days to purchase other products to sell, making it hard for such companies to survive.

OrionFin aims to provide funding to farmers in rural Africa towards increasing food productivity and adopting climate smart technologies.

  • OrionFin aims to help millions of smallholder farmers with financing climate smart agricultural solutions that will help: increase agricultural productivity that will support equitable increase in food security, farm income and society development. Build resilience and adaptation of food security systems to climate change. Reducing GHG greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture
  • OrionFin also aims to help more farmers with agricultural training, asset-financing in form of farm inputs, logistic support towards reducing farm-to-market delays and providing storage facilities powered by CLIMATE SMART ENERGY.

Fundamental Problems Orion is trying to solve for smallholder farmers,

Challenges of food shortage.


  • Over 50 million smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa are locked in annual cycles of hunger because they’re unable to grow enough food to feed their families or Sell. The challenges presented by hunger are huge, but Orion Fitech is dedicated to solve them.
  • Orion FinTech is delivering proven tools to increase productivity of unbanked smallholder Farmers in remote areas of Sub-Saharan Africa where agricultural yields and access to asset-financing is almost zero.

Climate Change Effects

  • Climate change and increasing climate variability present new risks for smallholder farmers in Africa who depend mainly on rainfall to grow agriculture for their society.





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Value Proposition


  • On Demand financing allowing suppliers and buyers to only borrow what they need.


  • Non Bank funding with attractive rates.


  • Climate change awareness and consultative training.


  • Receive financing in 24 hours and Inventory financing in under 30 minutes from the time of capital financing request

Innovative asset-financing for farmers & informal retailers ranging from $20 - $10,000 (or more for larger enterprises depending on the scale or size of business from cross-border, Pharma or automotive aftermarket financing)

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