OrionFin aims to accelerate Agribusiness value chain with alternate financing to foster agribusiness growth in Africa.

In Africa there are well over 50 Million smallholder farmers, by equipping them properly we will be feeding the planet in the future.


WHY FOCUS ON CLIMATE SMART AGRICULTURE?? because Climate Smart Agriculture addresses 3 critical points;


  • Productivity: OrionFin Climate smart agriculture aims to sustainably increase agricultural productivity and incomes from crops, livestock and fish, without having a negative impact on the environment. This, in turn, will raise food and nutritional security. A key concept related to raising productivity is sustainable intensification


  • Adaptation: OrionFin Climate smart agriculture aims to reduce the exposure of farmers to short-term risks, while also strengthening their resilience by building their capacity to adapt and prosper in the face of shocks and longer-term stresses. Particular attention is given to protecting the ecosystem services which ecosystems provide to farmers and others. These services are essential for maintaining productivity and our ability to adapt to climate changes.


  • Mitigation: Wherever and whenever possible, OrionFin Climate smart agriculture should help to reduce and/or remove greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This implies that we reduce emissions for each calorie or kilo of food, fibre and fuel that we produce. That we avoid deforestation from agriculture. And that we manage soils and trees in ways that maximizes their potential to acts as carbon sinks and absorb CO2 from the atmosphere.

Agriculture Focused Products!​

Orion Products

OrionFin aims to provide funding to farmers in rural  Africa towards increasing food productivity and adopting climate smart technologies.


Orion Fintech aims to revolutionize food production in Sub Saharan Africa by facilitating Agribusiness asset financing.

Selected farmers receive various seeds from Maize, beans, kale, cabbages, tomatoes, potatoes as well as fertilizer on credit, animal feeds on credit and post-harvest finance, all theses are offered with a flexible repayment model that helps these farmers repay their loans efficiently without hussle with flexible payment terms.

Asset financing also applies to processes and practises that adds value to the food value chain and provides a fundamental base to Climate Smart Agriculture, such as Energy Saving Jikos to conserve forestry around farmers, Solar-Irrigation Pumps and Bio-Digesters.

Orion also provides warehousing with appropriate technology and processes that maintain the integrity and quality of the grain, just in case there is a price fluctuation due to supply and demand market forces, our warehousing services help farmers wait for the best time and the best market price offers to sell their grains .

Orion goes the extra mile to build shelling, drying, and storage facilities in close proximity to grain producing regions across East Africa. Orion's R&D department is fully responsible to offer on-ground support to farmers by monitoring insects and grain moisture at the farms.


OrionFin offers to equip smallholder farmers with climate smart information through mentoring and consultative processes.

OrionFin creates Climate Smart Villages, by bringing specific farmers from a particular neighbourhood together to learn key models of climate smart farming which include, 

  • Terracing to conserve soil and water
  • Bio-digesters to produce climate smart renewable energy from cow manure.
  • co farming and Tree planting
  • In the Controlled Climate Smart Villages we provide farmers with Free energy efficient cooking stoves to reduce deforestation.
  • Providing farmers with solar-powered water pumps towards clean irrigation and greenhouses


OrionFin provides financing to Climate Smart Consultants o carry out R&D on its behalf towards achieving food security. Climate Smart Agriculture should not only be perceived as a set of practices and technologies. Through our R&D unit, we have identified Climate Smart Agriculture has multiple entry points, ranging from the development of technologies and practices to the elaboration of climate change models and scenarios, information technologies, insurance schemes, value chains and the strengthening of institutional and political enabling environments. As such, it goes beyond single technologies at the farm level and includes the integration of multiple interventions at the food system, landscape, value chain or policy level.


"In, Kenya alone, Aless than 100 Farmers Supply maize worth $4.5 Million per annum to the government cereals board but end up getting late payments , Our Product is here to solve such pain-points for farmers with 24hrs on-demand payments to farmers."

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